Winning x Lady E

Lady E, a dope rapper with her own mind and style, has me rocking to her recent single, Winning! Known for her flow and style, Lady E always catches her listener's attention by her unique delivery and catchy lines. Her track Winning backs up that claim as she spits lines describing how she's naturally winning and in her own lane in every aspect!

What I like most about Lady E is that she has her own sound and not over sexualized to get noticed! Don't get me wrong I love my sex driven tracks and sexually open artists; but it's dope when an artist takes a different route from the majority and still feels comfortable within themselves! Especially, since we have a wave of indie and mainstream women rappers out; so standing out in the talented crowd is a plus! When I first saw the passionate rapper, she showed that same aura on stage when she was throwing down bars at a networking function for indie artists...AND I LOVED IT!

Lady E is definitely winning with this single and I can't wait to hear more from this talented artist! Oh and to put my fellow artists on game, Lady E is also the maker of dope beats so do yourself a favor a support a dope artist! Winning is available on all music platforms!

Winning x Lady E

-Miracle Chimere

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