Tune Me In x GrooveGuyBenji

For my listeners who like hard beats and trap music vibes to ride to, take a listen to GrooveGuy Benji! He’s just released his freshman project, Tune Me In, which is available on all streaming sites! Tune Me In, features his single, Figure Sum’n Out, where he raps about rats; and not the ones who eat trash and scurry on all fours, he’s talking about the ones who walk on two feet! From that you can gather that Tune Me In’s content is very trap and street related but not overdone and I can dig it! My personal favorite is his interlude, Golden Spoons; I always enjoy an a cappella freestyle!

Tune Me In, consists of 10 tracks; a smart move considering it’s GrooveGuy Benji’s freshman project! It’s not overwhelming and has nice tracks to vibe to! I didn’t skip a track; which is a rarity for me it seems, but a compliment to GrooveGuy Benji! Also, a quick shout out to DJ Nightmare, the producers and engineers for doing their part to add to the music and not take from it! Too many artists release sloppy music just because it’s their first project or use the excuse that they're new in the game so production lacks! What I respect about Tune Me In is that it was professional from start to finish and wasn’t a bunch of singles thrown together, but a complete project that a lot of folks can rock to! My music heads know exactly what I mean!

Overall, Tune Me In, was dope to listen to! The fact that it was a good listen, makes me have high hopes and expectations for his new and upcoming music! Do yourself a favor and download Tune Me In by GrooveGuy Benji and tell us what you think! The link to listen is below!


-Miracle Chimere