The Motive x Shon Fame

What’s your motive?  Is it money, success, sex, attention, etc?  Well Shon Fame, a rapper reigning from Marion,SC, comes through with his single; The Motive, to let y’all know that getting to the bag is his motive!  Shon Fame raps that he’s been about his bag and he won’t hesitate to hurt you for playing with it either!  This is another track for my audience who loves that street lingo in their music!  Y’all are welcome!

I’m not going to lie, I would bop to this track in a club setting!  Who doesn’t want to listen to a song about getting money in the club?  Exactly!!! And the beat goes hard too; I can already imagine the fellas throwing their hands up and stacking in the clubs and the ladies on SnapChat thinking they’re GriseldaThe Motive, literally brings that side of you out!  Also, when I read the title of the track I expected a more “traditional motivational” song; let’s just say I like surprises because I got that street vibe that we all need in our lives every now and again!  What I like about The Motive, besides getting you lit, is the fact that Shon Fame has his own sound!  When I started listening I said,” ...this is different!”  And that is what I feel a lot of artists should aim for!  Don’t do what’s popping but do what’s going to highlight your best musical feature or sound!

Shon Fame has also released a video to go along with his song, The Motive!  It’s a good visual that compliments the track! I noticed that Shon Fame is very consistent with releasing visuals with his music which I always think is a plus!  Sometimes an audience reacts better to a song if it has an interesting video to view while they listen!  Below are the links for you to listen and download his track and view his video, The Motive!

-Miracle Chimere