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The Mature Candidates x Big Myke Da Mayah & Big Kev The Maestro

Two of South Carolina’s heavy hitters have come together and released a joint project; The Mature Candidates. Big Myke The Mayah, a lyrical MC, flows and creates vivid and lyrical verses on beats made and produced by Big Kev The Maestro. With both having over ten years in the music game the result was bound to be no less than a great work of art, especially for hip hop lovers. Combining Big Kev’s melodic and hypnotizing beats with Big Myke’s lyrical genius is a musical treasure. The 13 track project is bound to keep the music heads bopping without skipping a track; with Big Myke, providing us with verses that have substance, a unique flow, and double entendres that‘ll have you trying to rewind the tracks, how could you not enjoy it! Take a break from listening to the radio and listen to The Mature Candidates; a project that is bound to give you nostalgic hip hop feels but with new age grace! Link below:

Digital Download

The Mature Candidates x Big Myke The Mayah & Big Kev The Maestro

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