The CrownTape x J-Rock


Storytelling in hip-hop and rap culture has always been a thing that was and still praised!  But as of recently, storytelling in hip-hop has declined with the shift of mainstream rap/hip-hop, along with the audience.  It’s a skill that a lot of us hip-hop heads miss and appreciate. Well the wait is over, I’ve found a storyteller who goes by J-Rock; and he has just released a new album called The CrownTape!

The CrownTape not only caught my attention due to J-Rock’s storytelling but also the mature content he raps about sucked me in immediately!  J-Rock does cover content such as: sex, money, and drugs; but he does so from a different perspective!  He gives a more OG approach in his music and I can most definitely dig that! But if you need a little ratchet in your life, his track Get That A$$, does have the modern turn up vibe that the newer generation connects with!

Like I said earlier, J-Rock has the knack of storytelling and does so on a lot of his tracks!  Wordplay is clear in most of his bars; especially in the track, Karma’s Spite, which is a personal favorite of mine!  I would also like to point out that this project was not boring; which is a major plus!  Hearing storytelling or the same vibe of rapping on every track on a project can really wear out your ears and can become boring, quick! But J-Rock did a nice job of organizing his tracks and switching up his tones and vibes throughout to keep it interesting and entertaining!

J-Rock lets it be known that he is a very lyrical artist from the jump with his first track Peek Intro! He clarified that the mass of listeners may usually listen to mumble rap but he’s about to give us something lyrically deeper! And that he did! Overall, The CrownTape was a very dope project and gave me a great musical vibe! Below is the link where you can hear J-Rock’s, The CrownTape! Tell us what you think!

-Miracle Chimere