The Awakening x Faiithe

Aggressive! Passionate! Controversial!

Are a few words Faiithe uses to describe her music!  Hailing from Andrews,SC, Faiithe shows that she’s here to wake the masses with her track, The Awakening ! Filled with heavy wordplay, bars for days and content that extends further than her talking about sex; how could this not be dope!  Not a beginner to the game, Faiithe has been quietly making her mark in the indie scene with dope features to add to her resume!  Faiithe did not come to play with us, okay!!!


I know I already mentioned Faiithe’s bar game on The Awakening; but I feel it needs to be mentioned again!  It is rare to have a woman lyricist who can hang with the fellas!  To keep it real, Faiithe beats many of the rappers with this one track!  If you’re a hip hop head who misses the time where dope rhymes collided with dope vibes...this one right here is for you! No gimmicks, no selling sex(not that I have an issue with that but it’s refreshing to not see it all the time), no mumble rap!  I’m a fan!  But what I really love about her as an artist is she really comes hard and she’s confident, like she said,”...see you can imitate the flow style, you can’t clone it…!”

This track doesn’t show it but Faiithe is a very versatile artist...hearing this I bet y’all didn’t know she could sing!  I see Faiithe as a super threat as an artist who will be a force to reckon with on the indie scene and hopefully one day, mainstream wise!  Do yourself a favor and check out The Awakening by Faiithe by clicking the link below!  Also stay on the lookout because she has some more fire soon to come!

-Miracle Chimere