The Art Of Season Cleaning


I remember growing up, my Grandmothers would religiously participate in seasonal cleaning; which I never thought much about until recently.  Usually, I just follow tradition and did my seasonal cleaning, until one year I was washing my walls and realized that our Grandmothers’ may have been on to something!  And it just wasn’t a clean house, but a clean body, mind, and soul !

Think about it...when you clean for the Spring you’re packing up and/or throwing away things that no longer fit, that are broken, or things you simply no longer want! You also do a deep cleaning of everything apart of your home, inside and out!  So who's to say that we just have to use “Spring Cleaning” for our physical homes? That’s the point…WE DON’T! We don’t have to wait until Spring either!!! We should always periodically check our lives to see if we need to pack or throw away negative emotions, jobs, people, habits, relationships, and/or anything not making us better or helping us grow into a better version of ourselves! 

So from here on out my readers and myself are going to start doing “Spring CheckUps”! I’m calling them Spring CheckUps because Spring is a time where flowers bloom, the weather is usually mild, nature is going through its own renewal through its Spring showers.  So since the Spring season seems to represent renewal to so many, it’s a perfect name to use while we renew ourselves by checking on our own mental, physical, spiritual, and financial help to see where we can clean up and make ourselves brand new! And when we do our Spring CheckUps we don’t necessarily have to “throw away” things but we can also add positive things and attributes! Discover something new about yourself, indulge in a new hobby, start working towards that goal you always wanted!!! The main point is to renew yourself and become better! So for my readers out first Spring CheckUp starts now! Write me back at or on one of my social media sites to tell me how it goes! 

One Love

-Miracle Chimere