Renegade Freestyle x Star Gambino ft. II Barz

Bars! Wordplay! Tough Beat! 

It’s a brave thing to hop on a beat Jay Z and Eminem punished...but II Barz & Star Gambino devoured it! From beginning to end the track was well appreciated! Star Gambino opens up the track with major confidence, only a true lyricist could have, and lived up to it as he perfectly set the pace and tone for the dual freestyle!  Having a knack for using double and sometimes triple-entendres; Star Gambino delivers a tongue ripping verse, while II Bars follows suit matching the energy and vibe.  II Barz,a lyricist himself, isn’t a stranger when it comes to serious wordplay and he showed us that and why his name is II Barz!  

When asked about how they would describe their freestyle, Renegade; Star Gambino simply stated that it was,”WITTY!” While II Barz had a little bit more to say and it went something like this:

Any time I do a freestyle my goal is just to have fun. Writing a song is so much structure...this has to be a certain way...can't say's just fun to get on a beat and do whatever you feel. Especially, when you’re collaborating with someone dope. Nothin but goat shit. Lol! (II Barz)

And ladies and gentlemen this is a quote I can definitely agree with! I’ll let you guys listen for yourself and be the judge! Click the link above and enjoy your Freestyle Friday!!!

-Miracle Chimere