Protect Our Artists

With the recent murders of up and coming rappers, Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, King Von and MO3, it‘s hard not to feel the impact; especially, if you’re tuned into the rap music scene. The heartache comes from the noticeable fact that these artists are being taken prematurely before their careers can even fully blow, leaving fans in disbelief.  But it’s deeper than fans not being able to enjoy their new artists’ music!  It’s showing the rap community that a lot of these artists are living what they’re actually rapping about!  It’s bringing a fear of rap beef stemming from the streets or rap beef spilling into the streets, regardless, it’s taken young artists from the game and most importantly...their children and loved ones! 

And I know many feel that these artists choose their fate by the lifestyles they lived prior and during their increasing fame; but how can we have that mentality when  music companies, fans, and media encourage the lifestyle by supporting the music and activities that glorify these occurrences to happen!  For those that say, well they can just make different music, well it’s not that easy when music execs and everyone around you is expecting a certain sound; especially with the deals these artists’ sign. Most of the time the artists can’t even leave the street life behind because their deals don’t give them enough financial security to leave that lifestyle.  

At the end of the day, all of these tragedies can and could have been avoided.  Whether it’s increasing  security for these young artists or just giving them better deals to where they can leave the lifestyle behind them; whatever the solution is we need one quickly!  It’s disheartening finding out that you love an artist’s collection only for you to see that they die soon after discovering their greatness.  So when I say protect our artists I mean it! Their music shouldn’t be the only thing that gets to live on  just because a rap beef or street beef took them too early! 

-Miracle Chimere