Michael Myers x Hitman

Yardgang artist, Hitman, has come off his mini hiatus with his single, Michael Myers! Hitman is known to make hype club music but with this comeback he really is showing a little versatility than what his audience is used to...and we can dig it!  A new flow is not all Hitman gives his listeners;  he also comes with a different sound as well.  Michael Myers was a perfect name because DTrain808, the producer, did not come to play at all! The beat was nice and the sound was clear!  And by the lyrics of Hitman’s track, he isn’t playing with any other rapper either.  During his hiatus Hitman would post pics and videos of him traveling to different studios and music events in New York; proof that he was definitely working!!! Click below to let me know what you think about Hitman’s latest single!

-Miracle Chimere