Men Aren't Supposed To Cry? BULLSHIT

If you follow my blogs, you can somewhat figure out that I'm all about mental health and growing to be your better self, when I'm not being a music junkie! I also work to break detrimental stereotypes that so many generations have lived by! The toxic stereotype this blog is about, is the toxic masculinity we push on our boys and men!

I know we've all heard someone tell a boy or a young man to: "suck it up", "men don't cry", "don't show you're hurt, move on", and etc! And each one of those phrases are bullshit! Excuse my language, but it grinds my gears when we as a society tell people they can't express themselves! Being sad, crying, being disappointed, and all those emotions that some consider "soft", are all pure HUMAN emotions! How can we expect these boys to learn how to have meaningful relationships and have a great inner relationship with themselves if we block and deter them from having and experiencing emotions that help build their character?!

And for those who say, "My dad, parents, or people told me the same and I came out fine!" Do us all a favor and be quiet! Just because you survived doesn't mean you weren't traumatized! Many people go around with certain mindsets that are toxic because they grew up around toxic behavior and mindsets and think it's normal! Well it's not! Now in days, so much emphasis are put on mental illnesses and depression that we can't ignore the triggers that may cause them. So many young men see their friends being gunned down, getting incarcerated, and etc.; these things can lead to a person developing PTSD, anxiety, and plenty other things that affect a person mentally and physically! So telling a person to hold in an emotion that everyone should be allowed to feel and express is detrimental to their mental health, self-love, and just overall peace; especially if they have or are dealing with a traumatic experience!

So next time you see a boy or man trying to express himself….LET HIM! If he is having trouble, because some people who've never got the chance to express an emotion have trouble doing so; help guide them! No this problematic issue won't be solved in a day, but every step and person counts! Change can start with you and I want us all to become the change we want to see! So next time you see a young prince or king down…uplift them! Society has damaged them enough!

-Miracle Chimere

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