Izzup x Mulah Davinci & Big Havi

Mulah Davinci comes through with a fire track called Izzup, with the help of Big Havi!  Now my readers know I’m a sucker for old school tracks and a bigger sucker of samples from old school hits!  And let me tell you, these boys sampled Lisa Fischer’s, How Can I Ease The Pain, and murdered it!  I mean took a soulful ballad and turned it into a hot rap single for the Summer!  Them boys some many goats for that one! 

So obviously, the beat is super fire!  Now to the lyricism of the track; if you’re an avid Mulah Davinci listener you know he actually raps no matter what type of track he’s on!  And of course Big Havi adds his own personal fire to Izzup!  Both of their energy could be felt as soon as the beat dropped!  Not only was their energy dope, but so was their delivery!  Them boys literally made me feel Izzup when I listened to it early this morning!  Guys, I’m not a morning person so that lets you know off the rip what type of vibes Izzup gives!  The title lets you know exactly what this track is about; literally everything ”Izzup” with them! I mean, when you start a song saying, “This Big Davinci baby, talk to me nice or don’t talk to me at all;” you have to legit murder the track and revive the track, and kill it again!  And Mulah Davinci & Big Havi most definitely did just that!  

Production was professional and dope as always!  That’s one thing I always appreciated about a Mulah Davinci track or project, is the thought he puts into his music and art; and the cleanliness of his tracks and visuals when they are released!  Speaking of visuals, hopefully Mulah Davinci & Big Havi can bless us with a visual for their track, Izzup!  Like I always say, dope singles should always get dope visuals, and Mulah is no stranger to dope visuals as he is known to release out of the box videos for his music!  Just do yourself a huge favor and download and listen to Izzup by Mulah Davinci & Big Havi, the link is listed below!  Go ahead and start your morning off dope like I did and let us know what y’all think! 


-Miracle Chimere