Hypnotize x Jasanna Quantae 

Jasanna Quantae, a name that we all will soon know, has released her single, Hypnotize! And when I say her pen game went to work on this track! Whew! Think of a modern Eartha Kitt with powerhouse vocals! Jasanna Quantae is definitely a vibe, a soulful one at that! I witnessed the energetic performer in her own atmosphere at a music showcase where she was performing her single, Mind Games! And I was highly impressed; from her stage presence, vocals, and overall vibe! So when I heard Hypnotize I already knew I was going to enjoy this new track. But I didn't know I would enjoy it this much! I see people falling out over K Michelle's song, Rain; no shade, but Jasanna Quantae's Hypnotize has wayyy more clever wordplay! Plus it has the right amount of nasty, with the perfect touch of soul! Ladies, do yourselves a favor and download Hypnotize and listen to it while kicking back with your main squeeze! Thank me later! Jasanna Quantae has a definite hit on her hands and I love it! Make sure you keep up with this dope artist because I'm quite sure she has way more dope things on the way! Hypnotize x Jasanna Quantae -Miracle Chimere