Gorilla x Brianna Brooks

Brianna Brooks dropped her new single, Gorilla, along with a visual for her Summer hit. If you're already a fan of her music you already know she gives you a musical vibe that you can't find a lot of times! I personally call her a Rihanna and Jhene Aiko mash up…. Yes! Her music is like that! And Gorilla, gives me a G4L by Rihanna feel but with way more attitude and volume!

What makes Gorilla slap like that for me is the fact that you have a beautiful girl with a gorgeous voice singing lyrics that make you scream, "F**k That Dude!" Or it could just be me; but it makes me want to ride out! And when I watch the visual with the song I literally feel like THE boss! Any song that can bring you into a new element as soon as you hear it, is a hit! From the beat, the lyrics, the visuals, and the vibe of it all makes me a fan! Show some love to Brianna Brooks by listening and downloading Gorilla!

Gorilla × Brianna Brooks

-Miracle Chimere