City of God Mixtape x City of God

When it comes to the indie music scene, we always preach about artists supporting one another and showing love among one another! What is a better way for artists to show support for one another than to collaborate on a mixtape?!

Well, Bundy Yardie, Taeykane, and V decided to take that route with their collaborative mixtape, City of God! City of God, which is also the group's name, is composed of three solo rappers; Bundy Yardie, Taeykane, and V who came together to form City of God and release their first mixtape. I'm going to keep it real… I'm not a fan of collaborative projects such as albums and mixtapes; because usually one artist is heard more, their voices and musical sounds don't complement one another, and/or sometimes the material strays too far from their usual sound! So I was very apprehensive at first but by the third track I believed they proved me wrong! Granted their sound and music isn't my first choice to listen to but they had me vibing and bopping with damn near every track! Honestly, the beats were perfectly chosen! My readers know I'm always preaching about how important beat choice and lyrics are! City of God must've known my pet peeves because the beats caught my attention and the lyrics made me think I was moving weight and busting guns in my kitchen while listening to their mixtape! So they definitely got a new fan!

Like I said earlier, collaborative projects can be a blessing or a curse. The City of God mixtape is definitely a nice indie musical blessing! I loved that I could still feel the individuality of each artist while they still blended well as a group! I also appreciated that nobody was trying to be a "David Ruffin" of the group! Their musical chemistry could also be heard throughout the project which I thoroughly enjoyed! City of God's music is closer to Migos rather than Wu Tang or Outkast, for my readers wondering what they should be ready for! I repeat those beats are fire! So use caution while driving! But judge for yourself by clicking the link below!

-Miracle Chimere