Cash Drives Life x LoxxGetBandz

LoxxGetBandz released his album Cash Drives Life and to say the least; it rides! Comprised of 8 songs; most of them no longer than two and a half minutes, but LoxxGetBandz shows us less is more! My readers know my attention span is short and I'm the Queen of the "next" button; so for me to say I could've listened to this project fully says a lot!

If I were to compare LoxxGetBandz' music to a mainstream artist it would be the late XxxTentacion mixed with Trippie Redd. Which makes sense since LoxxGetBandz has said, "...I like Trippie Redd, YNW Melly , Young Thug.. I like Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Big L outside of that;" in regards to artists he listens to. And it shows in his music; LoxxGetBandz has the new sound that's wanted by the mainstream music today without the mumble lyrics crisis we have going on. It's great music to get lit to or ride to when you're in the mood for something fun!

But what I appreciate the most is that you don't hear this sound a lot in underground music, in my opinion! Since the underground scene is mostly comprised of lyricist and trap rappers when it comes to the rap genre! Cash Drives Life gives me one of those fresh of breath air moments! My personal favorite tracks are Oshiana, Heart Fill, and Demons! Oshiana is my bop and vibe when it comes to the whole project though, so personally check that out for me!

But Do yourself a favor and listen to LoxxGetBandz album, Cash Drives Life, by clicking the link below!

-Miracle Chimere,