Battle of The Female Rappers

Competition, beef, and bars are words that can easily describe the rap game. Competition gives artists the motivation to work on their rhymes, while beef gives the fans and bloggers the “drama” side of the industry that keeps us entertained. And having bars is one of the biggest tools needed to succeed in making your mark in the industry. But when it comes to female rappers in the rap game, things are different. Instead of handing over the crown to the best spitter or more talented individual and both being able to shine; the beef and competition aspect of the game ends up knocking one artist out the ring completely.

Points in case, to name a few female rap beefs: MC Lyte vs. Antoinette, Queen Latifah vs. Foxy Brown, Lil’ Kim vs. Foxy Brown, Nicki Minaj vs. Remy Ma, and the most recent, Cardi B. vs. Nicki Minaj war of the crown that has been going on since the drop of Cardi B’s debut album and the release of a couple of Nicki Minaj’s tracks. We’ve all seen Cardi B’s rise to the industry forefront in a Cinderella fashion so it’s hard to take anything from the artist in terms of her success! But with that rise came the typical new female artist vs. standing female artist battle that tends to happen when a new female rapper comes on the scene heavy!

But why? It’s clearly possible for the spotlight to be shared because look how many male rappers there are; and even though they may indulge in “rap beefs”, there is never a career lingering battle for the crown like it is with the women in rap. But who’s the blame? I honestly don’t believe all women emcees hate the next woman who’s getting some shine; so I find the media and record labels to blame. Too often we see blogs, social media, radio personalities, and etc. automatically comparing artists and creating issues that the majority of the time are referring to one artist copying a particular rap flow, or a misinterpretation of the lyrics said by one of the artists.

But is that the only issue? Not necessarily, marketing companies and record labels are also to blame. We all know the phrase sex sells and the phrase rings true. It’s hard for artists with the same marketing schemes along with the same markets, to not feed into the competitive beef that’s already taking place in a competitive ring. It’s also up to the buyers and fans on if they feed in on it as well. What we all have to consider is that we help decide on if we, as listeners, are going to support and allow it to continue. The music industry has changed and is continuously changing so there are plenty of dope female artists coming and going for us to not only have to focus on just two artists at a time. Hopefully, we all can allow more women artists to share the mainstream spotlight in the times to come.

Now this isn’t to say that we should stop believing in the competitive nature of the rap game and I’m absolutely here for the actual rap battles or battle of the singles for the sport of the game. But please leave out the extra melodramatic theatrics for Love and Hip Hop and let true talent and star quality be the judge of who gets the “crown” versus petty media made beef.

Miracle Chimere