Around x SunQueen Kelcey

All my neo soul, jazz, easy listening, and smooth R&B lovers please come to the forefront; because this one's for you! SunQueen Kelcey, a soulful artist hailing from North Carolina has released her song, Around, on all music platforms! For my readers, this is another breath of fresh air from our usual blogs and once again I couldn't be happier! Can I just say the women are showing out this season with the dope music! SunQueen Kelcey produces music she considers, soul rock and as a new listener I am very interested in hearing what her vibe is all about! From reading her bio, her music is an extension of her, and includes topics such as sensuality, sexual liberation, and body positivity!

And her new single, Around, embodies her description of her art. Around has a very sweet melodic beat that sets the tone for the sultry, yet soft song. As the song plays I immediately think cool neo soul vibe! And as SunQueen Kelcey begins to sing, I'm immediately snapped into a chill, time to unwind mood, which I digged! I'm always preaching about how songs give off vibes and I got the vibes I was expecting from the beginning! SunQueen Kelcey serenades us as she explains how she wants to appear perfect for the person she deserves before it's her turn to make the person's world go around! Basically, she's about to blow someone's mind! She lyrically uses the world as a metaphor for her and this person's encounter; and I love it! Her wordplay wasn't lazy and matches the vibe for Around perfectly!

Since I mentioned perfect, I want to say SunQueen Kelcey's voice is just amazing! Her voice is literally an attention grabber; she most definitely can sanggggg! Yes, it was worth the extra Gs! You hear the control and emotion as she hits notes! It's nothing better than hearing an experience singer show off her range with professional control! Plus it's clear by listening to her sing that she believes and feels what she's singing about! I love when I can feel the passion coming from an artist when it comes to their art and she gave me that feeling when listening to Around!

Overall, Around is a dope sultry track! I have it on my playlist for when I'm unwinding after a long day at work, when I'm cruising on a Sunday, or when I'm getting lifted and need something soft to balance me out! It blends perfectly with my other Neo-Soul or soulful favorites! Even though I hate comparisons she puts me in a space Angie Stone, Jill Scott, or Lalah Hathaway would, and I love it! So do your playlist a favor and download and listen to Around by SunQueen Kelcey; your ears won't be disappointed!

Around x SunQueen Kelcey

Miracle Chimere