All Star x Tienatra

Tienatra has released, All Star, an upbeat track he’s sure listeners will love! Tienatra raps on a dope beat on how he’s an All Star in every aspect! In the track, Tienatra says, “he goes hard all season, tell your boss I can beat him”!  That sums up the vibe and meaning of All Star!  It’s a track that is meant to  boost your confidence without a doubt and does it effortlessly! And again the beat is most definitely a banger and gets you hype when it comes on!  

Tienatra felt it was important that All Star set the tone for his future projects coming up this year!  I would like to give props to Tienatra, it isn’t easy being an artist and it definitely isn’t easy performing for an audience but Tienatra does so with so much confidence!  Make sure to show this artist some love by checking out his single, All Star, links provided below! Let us know what you think! 

-Miracle Chimere