600 Degrees Tha Leak: Vol.1 xBundy Yardie

The young artist, Bundy Yardie, is back again with his mixtape 600 Degrees Tha Leak: Vol.1! Hosted by DJ Loud and DJ Traxx On Deck, 600 Degrees Tha Leak proves to be a great follow-up project for the Cold Night$ rapper! 600 Degrees includes five new tracks by Bundy Yardie, showing the young artist isn't slowing down any time soon!

Bundy Yardie was first introduced to us when he dropped his single, Cold Night$, showing his skill and his mature content; which impressed me and still impresses me to this day! The tracks on 600 Degrees Tha Leak, keeps that first impression and builds on it! His topic choice is still mature when you compare Bundy Yardie to his peers in the same age bracket as him, but in my opinion, it gives him an edge over many! You don't expect a young person his age to have experienced what he raps about and be able to make dope music about it! It's a way for him to attract an older audience, but also educates his younger fan base while still keeping up with the current waves!

My personal favorite off 600 Degrees Tha Leak: Vol. 1 was, Never Crumble! The vibe was wavy and the remix and video are dope! I'm excited about Bundy Yardie's new project just because he releases dope visuals along with his music! Mixed with the fact that he's a young cat who really raps about dope and real things; nothing sugar-coated, which is what I like! If my readers want to listen to some new blood in rap; download and listen to Bundy Yardie's mixtape, 600 Degrees Tha Leak: Vol. 1! Let us know what you think!

-Miracle Chimere