Raw Music Video x Bundy Yardie Ft. Steven Galloway

Raw Music Video x Bundy Yardie Ft. Steven Galloway

Bundy Yardie has officially released his visual for his song, Raw, featuring Saxophonist, Steven Galloway. And a great visual it is; from the angles, lightening, and the mini story plot. First things first; the music video had a plot and story behind the visual! It wasn’t a whole crowd of people just standing there pointing at the camera. No shade! But I miss the days where we got a story with a music video! The days where the video added value to the song, not take away from it. The plot in the Raw video is a young man making mistakes and living a lifestyle that’s addictive but dangerous; which goes along with the lyrics of the song. I repeat, it told a story! And with that story, the director used lighting and angles to stress certain highlights of the music video and song! For example, the darkness of the film when the young man becomes a victim of violence or when the main character is having a sexual encounter with the young female. It displays the change in emotion for the main character. Also, the shots of the saxophonist, Steven Galloway playing his saxophone with the main character adds to the video and gives him his own shine, which helped the viewer pay even closer attention to his saxophone breaks throughout the video and song. Overall, Bundy Yardie and his team did a really good job on bringing Raw to light as a visual. I think it’s a dope video, but click the link above and take a view for yourself! –Miracle Chimere  

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