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The Venusian x Priscilla Simone


Priscilla Simone delivers a soul snatching EP named; The Venusian! The melodic singer/artist who reigns from Georgetown, SC most definitely gave us a work that is out of this world. And coming from a Neo-Soul lover, The Venusian captures everything about the beautiful, but sometimes forgotten genre of music!

When I'm listening to smooth R&B, Jazz, or Neo-Soul music, I immediately check the beat or instrumentals. To me, it's important for the beat to be able to put you into a mood that makes you susceptible to the words and vibes that are going to be delivered. And as soon as I turned on The Venusian, Philosophy Stones immediately put me in that mood and instantly became one of my favorite tracks. Never Too Much, Ride, and The One are not only my other favorite tracks but are also the perfect epitome of putting you in that zone, as well! Big Kev, the engineer of the project, really followed Priscilla Simone's lead and a dope EP was the outcome!

Another thing that played a big part in making this project so dope is the uniqueness of Priscilla Simone's voice. It's mellow but poetic; it also doesn't hurt that she has a way with words. The descriptive way she speaks in songs gives you an extra part of the story she's telling in her music. It's like putting a freed, uninhibited poet on dope beats! Her music makes you think about your current state and creates a feeling within you.

As a music head, I really enjoyed listening to, The Venusian. Even if this genre isn't your wave I think as a music lover you would still be able to appreciate it fully. Overall, Dope Lyrics, Dope Vibes, Dope Mood, Dope Music!

The Venusian x Priscilla Simone

-Miracle Chimere

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