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Run It Up x Buddha Bou Feat. Boosie

Georgetown native, Buddha Bou, came out the ring swinging with his debut track, Run It Up! I'll go ahead and say that Buddha Bou put together a strong team for this single, with the track featuring Boosie BadAzz himself; and Kevin Hemingway working production, he was bound to win and make a wave! First of all, it takes a lot of confidence and passion to even hop on a track with an already established and well-loved artist like Boosie; but Buddha Bou held his own and really showed strength as a new artist. Of course, Boosie put his mark on Run It Up by giving it the Boosie sound and vibe we tend to hear on his music. I admit, I was ready to turn up the volume as soon as I heard him! But honestly, the best thing I like about this track, after the beat; is Buddha’s verse. So major salutes to this artist! And since we’re speaking on the beat; It was dope, period! When the beat dropped I thought,” Whoever rapping better kill this!’ And Buddha Bou and Boosie did not disappoint at all; and neither did Kevin Hemingway, who’s production skills are heard throughout the song. I do feel Run It Up should have been released during the summer or the hotter season just because of the energy I get from it; but I’m going to listen regardless of the weather! This is a great start for Buddha Bou as an artist. I’m looking forward to future works from him; especially so his fans can get to know what type of artist he is! Kudos to the whole team who was behind Run It Up; and I’m sure we’re going to see more of this new artist. Hopefully, we can get a dope visual for Run It Up, as well! So take a listen and stay on the lookout for more music from Buddha Bou! Run It Up x Buddha Bou Feat. Boosie -Miracle Chimere

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