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Let It Roll x Mulah Davinci


Mulah Davinci is back again with something for his fans! His new single, Let It Roll, has just been released on all digital platforms through Sony Music Entertainment! I can't lie, the beat puts me in mind of a 90's house party track mixed with a dope Travis Porter

twerk song. Even though Mulah Davinci's , Champagne Dreams and Caviar Wishes album, was more of my wave; I can not deny that Let It Roll is definitely a hit; even if it's my wave or not! Whether it's a party, strip club, kickback, or just cleaning up the house; Let It Roll will have you bouncing and twerking like you don't have any home training.

But I'm honestly glad that Mulah Davinci released this track; for one, to show diversity. We already know he can spit bars, we know he can write a dope song, and now we know he can make a fun song that can be played in the club; which is very important when adding music to your discography. Personally, I'm a lover of bars and deep content music, but part of being considered a great artist is being able to be versatile and being able to cater to a variety of audiences. And that is what Mulah Davinci accomplished effortlessly! The best thing about his new single is that he still has content within the song. No stupid bars or dumb punchlines; just a dope song for the ladies to twerk to, the fellas to rock to, and for everybody to enjoy!

Sooo stop what you doing right now and go download, stream, and listen to Let It Roll by Mulah Davinci! Oh yeah, he is actually in the making of creating a video for this single; and from the sneak peek, it's going to be LIT!!!

-Miracle Chimere

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