Behind The Lens: DME-TV

When it comes to the indie music industry, there are a lot of conversations about: Who's the hottest rapper? Who has the best videos? Who's lyrics are dopper? Which artists' interview was more popping? But we tend to get so wrapped up in the artist(s) that we forget about others who make it happen behind the scenes... especially our videographers. These people hold so much power because they can make or break a model by how well they take their pics, they can add the extra pow to an artists image by taking extra time to edit or think of concepts for an artist's video.

So this month's Behind The Lens artist(s) is DME-TV. DME-TV consists of two videographers, Kevin Gilliard and Raheem German. This duo has been putting on for the indie scene for awhile and it's time they've gotten some recognition. DME-TV has directed, filmed, and produced many videos for artists in the Carolinas and has been working all over the East Coast and now the West Coast, most recently. And it's quite obvious when a video has been touched by the DME-TV duo. The quality is crisp and you can tell lots of thought is put into the video treatment.

And DME-TV doesn't stop at just music or promo videos. They actually provide interviews for artist to introduce themselves to their audience and fans. Just recently the duo has started a new show, BeatTown, where they have a host to have a sit down and show off the artist's freestyling skills, as well as, any new music they have coming out. And if you thought web shows, interviews, and music videos wasn't enough; DME-TV has partnered up with another videographer, Karolina South Media, to produce a film called, The Hag!

To say the least DME-TV is most definitely working! With their state of the art equipment, natural eye and talent for filming, and just their dopeness in general, DME-TV will continue to make major waves. Just make sure this duo stays on your radar! And if you're a rapper, singer, model, actor, or just in need of some dope filming, don't hesitate to contact them and book them NOW!!!

-Miracle Chimere

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