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You Not That x Big Hass

             Bars...Bars...Bars Big Hass came through and dropped his single, You Not That, on December 26th. If you're fan of Big Hass’ you know this track was highly anticipated by his fans and anyone who loves music with content! Big Hass, a lyrical artist, had taken a hiatus to focus on other ventures; including a book and other passions he holds. But Big Hass knew the music scene needed him so he dropped, You Not That, for the culture. And like usual he delivered and rocked it. You Not That, is straight Rap/Hip-Hop! No gimmicks, no singing, just straight bars with content. The content of this track is what I really vibe with; the name of the track actually explains what the song is about. And it was desperately needed. Let me put out a disclaimer; I don't knock anyone's hustle but a lot of artists who are newcomers, are coming on the scene with cocky attitudes and minimal bars or talent. And You Not That, is a humbling track for these mumble rappers and artist who depend on gimmicks who think they're winning. What I like best is that Big Hass could've made this a diss track, but instead he just schooled everyone and exhibited his underrated talent. And let me say he is very underrated! Like I said earlier, straight bars and wordplay through the whole track! So it's no token line that draws you in because the whole thing is fire! You Not That, was produced by G-Whizz Productions; and they didn't come to play either. Crisp, hard, and on point describes the production of Big Hass’ track! This duo made sure to end 2018 with a top notch standard and an act that all artists and producers should follow or try to top! This is one of the reasons I love hip-hop! Set a standard and see what the crowd does, but like Big Hass said a lot of these artists NOT THAT! If you follow me, you know this is my type of music and will most definitely be added to my favorites playlist. So big ups to Big Hass and G-Whizz Productions! You Not That by Big Hass can be downloaded on iTunes and all streaming sites! Download and open your ears to some real hip-hop!! You Not That x Big Hass Download -Miracle Chimere,

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