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🚨Mixtape Review🚨The Davinci Code x Mulah Davinci

It hasn't even been six whole months since Mulah Davinci dropped his album Champagne Dreams & Caviar Wishes; and now Mulah Davinci has just released his mixtape, The Davinci Code hosted by Dj Apollo. And to keep it one hundred percent real, it is super hard to top or compare to a previous project when the first one was straight fire! Well, Mulah Davinci surely did prove those statistics wrong and followed up even harder. And it was even smarter for him to follow up with a mixtape and not another album. Before I get into discussing and detailing this dope mixtape I have to be very candid about this artist. Mulah Davinci is actually a new artist on the scene! And after you listen to his mixtape and even his album, you will see why I mentioned it because you honestly can't tell. Listening to his music you would think he had years in the game on his side, but nope he's a newcomer and putting in work like a veteran! What I love more than a dope project is an artist with a great work ethic! So I had to take time to applaud an artist with a dope work ethic but who also has raw talent! So when y'all listen you guys are going to be amazed just like me! Now to the actual mixtape itself; straight riding material! I literally listened to his mixtape from beginning to end and if you know me; you know I'm the “skip” or “next” Queen! I do not play with my ears and I appreciate Mulah Davinci for letting me have a mixtape that I can bounce to without messing up my vibes. Too many times we witness artists releasing dope singles but the project as a whole doesn't live up to the tracks that were released. The Davinci Code has a vibe throughout the whole project. Yes, some songs aren't on the same hard rap vibe but he was able to be versatile without losing the feel of the whole project. Basically, he didn't just throw a bunch of singles together to make a project but actually made sure the mixtape was fluent and not all over the place! Speaking of tracks; all of the tracks included on The Davinci Code can hold their own weight and are dope in their own right, respectfully. But my favorites are Who Is He, My Niggaz, Top Of The Year, Kush Ups, and Fast Life! All my favorites were produced by 211God! Mulah Davinci was extremely smart by choosing the right producer and having the majority of his tracks produced by the same producer. Believe it or not, sometimes the audience can hear the difference in different engineers and producers and it can mess up the flow of a project! So kudos to Mulah! Also his choices of beats and features added to the sound of The Davinci Code! It's nothing worse than having a dope artist rapping on beats that don't compliment their sound. And it's even worse to have features on a project who take away from the artist's project or track! Decisions like that may seem tiny but it actually can make or break a project or can be the difference of making or losing a fan! And if you love real hip-hop you should be a fan! Mulah starts The Davinci Code off with a fire track, which I call an introductory track because if you never heard any of his music, that first song would be what introduces you to his craft. He jumps out the gate with subtle but catchy wordplay that makes you rewind the track just to catch what he said. And if you're wondering...MULAH DAVINCI IS NOT A MUMBLE RAPPER. The Davinci Code overall is a wonderful follow up from Mulah Davinci’s first project! No trap music, no gimmicks! Just bars, wordplay, hard beats, and a dope lyricist delivering content that we all can feel! Make sure you support and listen to this dope mixtape! 

The Davinci Code Mixtape x Mulah Davinci

-Miracle Chimere,

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