Cold Night$ x Bundy Yardie

           Young. Determined. Distinct. Three words that describe, Bundy Yardie, a young 17 year old artist who is up and coming in the music world. It's not too often that you come across an artist who is in that young of an age bracket delivering music like he is. The beats are very modern and the style of his songs have an up to date sound as well; but this young artist actually delivers a message in his work. Modern music with content is dying, in my opinion, so a young artist growing up with today's music making those kind of tracks is very much appreciated. Cold Night$ is a great introductory track for the up and coming artist. I feel Cold Night$ can help bridge a gap that is continuously going on within hip hop. Too many times we hear our younger artist talk about money, drugs, and a destructive lifestyle. But Bundy Yardie raps about struggles that the young artist might have faced or seen someone else face. His topics make him very relatable because everyone has experienced some type of trial or hardship no matter how minute or large. Another track that needs an honorable mention is Raw. The saxophone solo that is included in this track by Saxophonist,Steven Galloway, adds detail to the track that instrument lovers can really enjoy. When you hear the instrumental play in the beginning you think it's going to be a slow vibe song or a love song at least. But once again, Bundy Yardie comes through with more content that gives you thinking vibes. I feel an artist like him is really needed in today's music rather it be mainstream or underground! He attracts to the younger demographics but he's giving them content to absorb and not just a beat to ride to or trap lyrics to get lit gives his young listener's something to think about. And it gives his older listener's something to appreciate it; because y'all know we love to say these young cats can't rap or rap about a serious topic. Bundy Yardie also has a beginner's knack for using wordplay. I'm a fan of an artist who has a way with words so I know if he continues to work on his craft he can most definitely be a great one day when it comes to the Carolinas. Overall, Bundy Yardie, is an artist I'm looking forward to seeing grow into a very well-rounded entertainer. Like any artist there are some things he can work on, but the rawness be gives off is what gives him an edge when it comes to the group of artists who are under 21! Besides his content and music, his work ethic is also commendable. The artist has his debut mixtape, Embrace My Presence out and is in the works of releasing multiple videos; one of those videos being for his song, Raw! Keep an eye out for this dope young artist! -Miracle Chimere,

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