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Show Off x Meek Bandz

I see y'all Carolina artists have something to say with these hits coming out! This time it's Meek Bandz coming through with his track, Show Off! Let's just say the song speaks for itself; because Meek Bandz definitely shows out with this one. The energy on Show Off screams dope, trap music and I'm here for all of it!

As I said in my previous blogs, the energy that's put into a track can make or break a song; and with trap music the right amount of energy is needed to get your listener's to dig your song and get them in that trap music vibe. And with Show Off it was done properly; henceforth why I automatically start twerking and dancing like I'm whipping in the kitchen. Don't blame me...blame the dope beat and those lyrics. The chorus is as catchy as the beat in my most humble and honest opinion. “I'm just a show off, don't make me show off”; name one person who won't get boosted listening to just this one line...EXACTLY! Granted I can’t post all the lyrics but once you take a listen you'll see the lyrics adds substance to the song unlike a lot of trap music today.

That is what makes Meek Bandz’ song, Show Off, even more dope! He's not a mumble rapper which I most definitely appreciate; I despise a dope beat with mumble lyrics so Meek Bandz gets double brownie points for that. He provided lyrics that his listeners can understand and rock with, while providing that energy I mentioned earlier without losing the feel of the track. And all my readers know, the vibe of a track is EVERYTHING! For honorable mentions the quality was great too. A lot of times people think trap music has to have a gritty quality to be considered “trap”; which is absolutely far from the truth! So big ups to Meek Bandz! I don't usually put artists in a box, but forgive me in advance, Meek Bandz is one of the dopest trap artists in the Carolinas!

And Show Off isn't his only hit that you can whip it, mix it, twerk, clap, or ride to! Meek Bandz has music already out and is also preparing to drop a new project along with visuals; so for his fans the wait is over and for his new listeners, Meek Bandz has arrived!

-Miracle Chimere,

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