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🚨Music Review🚨The Best Kept Secret II: Lover's Edition

In February 2018, JB dropped The Best Kept Secret II: Lover's Edition, and the project did not disappoint at all! If you're a reader of my work you've seen that many of the most recent blogs or music reviews have come from the trap or hood rap wave. It's nothing wrong with that wave but JB comes in and supplies us with more laid-back rap, “coolin’” vibe beats, more storytelling, and content that the ladies and even the fellas can rock with. If you're not following, just imagine late 90’s and early to mid 2000’s R&B/Hip-Hop, but with a modern taste added.

TBKS II: Lover’s Edition attracts it's listeners and holds them in with an intro that is performed by a poet reciting a piece that most definitely sets the tone for the project as a whole. For those of us that appreciate and actually have a love for poetry, the intro will most definitely pull you in and make you want to listen to more. She displayed her nice skills with words to deliver an urban vibe to match the theme of the album, which helped TBKS II: Lover's Edition have a strong start.

JB kept up the momentum throughout the project, something I can appreciate it! With him being a rapper he could have easily went back to the street or hard rap style, but he kept it soulful while supplying bars. As an artist, it's easy to peep his talent of storytelling. It's all too often we listen to projects that hop from topic to topic within one song; but JB kept the theme and managed to tell a continuous story throughout all the tracks; a strategy that keeps your listener intrigued to what's next on the playlist. He covers love, lust, lost, happy times and bad times so anybody can relate; whether it's experiencing heartbreak, being deeply in love, or going through transitioning times in your life. He also made sure his featured artists’ vibes matched the particular track they were included on. It's just a nice feeling to my ears to hear a nice vocalist or feature that compliments a rapper’s lyrics in the hooks or choruses.

You can also hear the thought that was put into the beat selection and production from start to finish. Like I said, many of the beats captures your attention before the lyrical content starts to flow. Even the samples blend well and JB actually makes the samples his. He did not take a sample and do a remix but an actual remake of the song with his own theme and vibe that matches the melody. For example, the track, Care, does this flawlessly and it's actually one of my favorites. The production is clean and compliments the project as a whole. Along with Care; Breakfast in Paris, Gotcha, The Night, and The Light are my personal favorites.

Those particular songs are my personal favorites because the essence of the songs just match my personal preference and vibes. But the beauty of TBKS II: Lover's Edition, is that there is really a song for everyone. Even if you don't like slow, mellow, or love vibe songs; there are tracks that aren't so lovey dovey but still keeps the theme of the project. This helps The Best Kept Secret II: Lover's Edition live up to its name because both men and women can rock to it.

As a whole, TBKS II: Lover's Edition is dope and one of the top projects I've heard in 2018. One of the reasons being that I was able to hear the thought, planning, and execution that went into the project. And when that can be heard on an artists’ project, it can be appreciated by anyone who loves music; rather it's a DJ, consumer, A&R, or even just another artist. The Best Kept Secret II: Lover's Edition is out now and able to be downloaded on every music download site, including iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play. Oh yeah, and if you're one of those people who screams R&B is dead and music with no content doesn't exist anymore; take a listen and enjoy!

-Miracle Chimere

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