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SummerTime x Main Event

"Drop Top Season, Grown Man Swag!"

Main Event drops a nice banger as the end of summer approaches; giving us something to ride to as drop top season fades. As soon as I played the track, strip club or club anthem immediately popped in my mind. My readers know I tend to talk about lyrical content first, but the beat really did add to SummerTime big time. The beat screams riding down the strip vibes. The hook sells you even more because nothing says summer time more than drop top cars, Louie bags, getting money, and to top it off...a grown man’s swag. Those factors alone sold me to sit and hear what the track was about. Speaking of hooks and lyrical content, ladies this one might be a little hard to get into if you're not a fan of trap music or what I love to call, hood music. I listen to Boosie and Starlito so it doesn't bother me much to vibe out to our beloved hood tracks. Never fear ladies the song isn't too hard with the trap content; just add it to the playlist that you listen to when you and your dude have to share the aux cord. SummerTime is also a song to get lit to when it's time to step out with your girls and you're feeling yourself. Face it, the lyrics scream, I'm a dope mother******; who has my s*** together and I'm living my best life! Overall, SummerTime is a fun hood song to get hype, lit, or turnt too. If you're looking for deep lyrical content this isn't the song for you; no disrespect to Main Event because you can tell the song is meant for “litty vibe” purposes. And Main Event succeeded with that task with this track. So if this isn’t your cup of tea and you want something a little different, listen to his other tracks that can be downloaded on iTunes; which are filled with deeper lyrical content and shows his versatility as an artist. But SummerTime makes his listeners want to get up and get it or get out and flash it...either way it's a track that I can tell people will feel when they hear that beat drop just like I did. SummerTime can be downloaded on Apple iTunes! Take a listen and let us know what you think by commenting on site. Miracle Chimere

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