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Irregular x Star Gambino

“I just be goin’ way harder than most, ya know that I do it irregular!” 

GAMBINO! GAMBINO! GAMBINO! Star Gambino comes through with his track, Irregular; and to say it’s dope is an understatement! He definitely stepped away from the cookie cutter format of making “rap” music with this one. Have you ever heard a song that you know will get played in various clubs catering to different genres? Well if you haven’t, Irregular is absolutely the epitome of that type of track! The beat itself draws you in! Everyone knows I’m a fan of rock music, especially rock music inspired from the 70’s and 80’s; so when I immediately heard the guitar strings in the beginning I quickly turned the knob to ignorant levels! It put me in mind of a older Nickelback or calmer Evanescence hit from the 90’s! And if you don’t know who they are...GOOGLE THEM! Y’all know I’m a music junkie so it’s my job to put y’all on dope music period! No matter the genre!!! And for a track to give me the vibes of listening to a rap and rock song at the same time is undeniably LIT! So don’t blame me for rocking out in the middle of traffic; blame the producer, Mone Mon! He delivered an immaculate track where the production was flawless and dope. So quick shout outs to producer Mone Mon for creating an alternative rap track that the hipsters and hood n****s can rock out to collectively! Now back to the track itself! I could listen to the chorus by itself...on repeat! And y’all know it has to be dope for Miracle Chimere to repeat a track constantly! Irregular was the perfect name for this song because everything about it really strayed from the norm like I said earlier! But Gambino still delivered lyrically and vocally for his rap fans! His wordplay definitely was on point and he definitely gave off those different vibes in his verses...what more could you ask for? NOTHING...hold up...we could ask for a dope visual along with this dope track! I’m just saying; Gambino make it happen! Overall, I’m in love and this song has already made it on my personal playlist as well! What can I say? I’m an eccentric and dope personality; so why wouldn’t I like something that explains how Irregular I am? Download Irregular now on all streaming sites and keep watch for more fire coming from Star Gambino! -Miracle Chimere 

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