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Carolina Raised x Volcanic Da Don

Carolina Raised Baby, So You Know I’m Solid…

It’s kind of hard to not rep the Carolinas and not like a song by the name, Carolina Raised! And no! It’s not like the Petey Pablo song, Raise Up! No offense to Petey Pablo, because I was the first one to grab a white tee and start swinging that b**ch when it came on. But Volcanic Da Don brought a different vibe to Carolina Raised! More trap. More Hood. I’m Sold. Volcanic Da Don speaks on being raised in South Carolina from a hood n***as point of view. As he states in the song, “real street n****s, them other n****s tellin lies”. Another reason why I rock with this joint so hard was because he didn’t rap about a Hollywood rich lifestyle like many rappers do‍. He kept it real about the Carolinas and spoke on what he knew, which is being hood rich! So I most definitely respect it! Volcanic Da Don kept it real for our area; and being a Carolina gal myself I can only appreciate and rock with it! Now back to the song as a whole. The beat itself was dope and gave you that “trap beat” feel. In my eyes, the beat and sound of a track are vital elements into creating a dope trap song or “song for the streets.” So big ups to the producer, Ace Bankz, who most definitely gave Carolina Raised it’s sound. It can definitely get a seat as one of the Carolina anthems. This is one of those songs that you’re going to expect to hear when they do a Carolina shoutout in the club. I’m just being honest; overall, it’s getting added to my personal playlist and I rock with it. Carolina Raised can be downloaded on iTunes. 

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