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🚨New Music Alert🚨 Whip x Cleve Mack ft. Da Baby

“Now you whip it with the left, Now you whip it with the right…”. Let me just say Whip by Cleve Mack had me feeling like Pablo Escobar riding to my 9-5 this morning! 

I’m personally a sucker for more lyrical tracks, but Cleve Mack had me rocking to this catchy track despite my personal taste; and that my loves is an example of how you make music for the people. Even though it wasn’t lyrical, it still had a nice flow that complimented the beat to complete this fun track. And it’s just in time for the summer so everybody can flex to this song while they’re cooling on the block or making money by any means necessary! It encompasses the trap vibe feel and the lyrics actually went well with the beat; which is very imperative when making a song. I absolutely hate hearing music where it sounds like the lyrics doesn’t match the song! You know those songs where you think you’re about to vibe out to a nice love song or a smooth laidback track, but then you hear the hardest trap lyrics ever! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it works, but most of the time it’s a miss...A BIG MISS! So kudos to Cleve Mack and Da Baby for actually putting together Whip and putting it together well!

And let’s not forget the producer and engineer because the beat is what added that trap music vibe to the song! It actually gives me a “Nitti beat” feel when listening! And we all know Nitti puts out fire instrumentals and has produced straight hits that we all danced to at one point in our lives! So that is most definitely a compliment to the producer, SIXMANBEATS!  Let’s face it, the production of a track can definitely make or break a hit. And Cleve Mack nailed it! Especially adding in the fact that trap music now in days has a new sound that has come with the evolving change of mainstream trap music; so this track is very refreshing to us music junkies who miss the trap feels of the early 2000’s! Don’t judge us! Even though it does have that early 2000’s feel it doesn’t sound played out! It has that feel mixed with current musical styles; and that’s what makes Whip pop! Also, what adds to Whip for me is the fact that Cleve Mack reigns from South Carolina! The fact that he’s from the home state is always a plus with me! Especially when the state gets a lot of flack for “supposedly” not producing great music, for not having a “market”, not having their own sound, or not being able to hold their weight! This shows that all the negative talk is just that….talk! Because Cleve Mack and artists like him are making dope music and using their own sound! 

Overall, I’m liking this track and most definitely will play it when I’m having my Tony Montana moments! I recommend my readers to check out because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like vibing to a track that speaks on making money and being fly!

-Miracle Chimere 

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