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Don't Expect It, Teach It

Now before I begin let me insert a couple of disclaimers. I am not Dr. Phil and I do not have a degree in Psychology or any type of counseling; but neither did your Grandma, Auntie, and any other elder that you took advice from. I’m not trying to fix anyone’s life like Iyanla. I’m just a college educated individual who enjoys writing about things that catch my vibes, and anything that enters my spiritual and physical realm. In short, you never know who your words may encourage or who may have the same thoughts on their brain. Just needed to get that out the way because I know some of my readers don’t mind getting a check off of suing my behind. Now back to the topic.

Don’t expect it, teach it. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “treat people how you want to be treated?” Well, this topic is actually the opposite of that saying. Instead of treating people how YOU want to be treated, how about treating people how THEY want to be treated. I know I lost a couple of people with that one but just hear me out first. We all are different; especially, when it comes to how we display, interpret, and/ or accept others actions as well as our own. What may offend you, may not offend someone else. What you deem acceptable may not be acceptable for someone else. Henceforth, why you cannot automatically assume that the other individual would want to be treated like you do. So here’s where the don’t expect it, but teach it dialogue comes along. Since no one is a mind reader and people change daily, you can not expect someone to know how you want to be treated. You have to teach others what you are willing to accept and what you will not tolerate.

Like I mentioned earlier, people are very complex and we cannot expect everyone to be on the same wavelength all the time. So this is where communication comes in. You don't have to belittle someone or have a shouting match because an individual did something you don't agree with. Remember, you can't want someone to be receptive to your feelings and request if they feel attacked or bombarded with whatever they did wrong. You have to learn how that individual communicates best and go from there. So, while you're teaching them how you want to be treated; they're teaching you how they would like to communicate. Basically, “Don't Expect It, Teach It” is about communicating effectively, being receptive, and being able to reciprocate.

Miracle Chimere, Dope Sensations Creator, Soul Faces Writer

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