The Art of Letting Go

In life we encounter many obstacles that tend to make or break us. These obstacles may come in many shapes and forms, such as: financial issues, relationship humps, bad platonic and romantic relationships, career moves, personal decisions and other topics and/or issues that can have a minor or major impact in our lives or the lives of people who surround us. At times these issues maybe easy to solve or mange and other times it seems like these problems may be impossible to solve. Many times when these issues are harder to solve, many people just stick to what they know and continue to deal with these life humps thinking it’s easier to stay and deal rather than to leave or separate themselves from the issue itself. Over the years and just experiencing many scenarios in life, I’ve learned that people only stay or deal because they are afraid of change or afraid of the unknown. But one of the main goals in life is to be able to be at peace in every aspect of life, right? So how can you be at peace if you’re still holding on to what is interrupting that peace in your life? The answer is you can’t! Some may lie and say it’s mind over matter but how can you honestly believe that if your mind isn’t at peace? You can’t think straight and make sound judgments when you’re constantly battling a mental war; remember your mind is your foundation to your body, soul, and every aspect that involves your mental and physical body. If you’re not taking care of your mind, how can you truly say you love yourself? And how are you displaying self-love if you aren’t responsible and strong enough to protect yourself from what’s causing you hurt? After you truthfully answer those questions then you can honestly work on letting that hurt go! It’s not an easy task to leave behind something or someone you care about; but like the saying goes, “Your maker will continue to let those things hurt you until you’re ready to let them go and each time you try to hold onto them , the pain will increase.” Meaning, you’re not going to receive those blessings you prayed about or that peace you yearn for until you’re ready for it and you can’t be ready for peace if you’re still holding onto what destroys that very thing you seek. And every time you try to hold onto it you’re causing yourself more pain because God will allow for you to experience that pain so you will know that you need a change. Is change easy? Not at all! It’s a task and journey within itself but it’s worth it in the end. And what people fail to realize is that change starts with you, not that person or issue. You have to change your outlook and perception on what’s costing you your peace of mind. Once you change your perception and see things from a realistic point of view instead of rose colored glasses then everything eventually will come full circle. Will it happen overnight? No! The pain didn’t happen overnight despite people thinking that things just happen. I’m a true believer in everything happens for a reason and everything must come full circle. You don’t see success without hard work and being dismissed or disappointed a time or two, but those disappointments should be used as learning lessons and guides on how to avoid or handle an issue differently the next time it appears. In conclusion, you only get one life, unless you believe in reincarnation and if so stay tuned because that’s another topic for another day, but life is too short and too rich in experiences and rewards to stay stuck in a realm of unhappiness and uncertainty. Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you have to stay! Strength can be displayed by how strong you were to be able to admit that you’re not happy, you need a change, and the fact that you acted on that change for the better. I’ll end with these parting words that I use on the daily; you can’t love someone or something if you can’t or don’t love yourself first!

Peace and Love

Miracle Chimere, Dope Sensations Creator, SoulFaces Writer

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