Flashback Friday

Since we love showcasing dope music, we thought we should start paying homage to the dopeness that came before us and that helped us be the dope music junkies we are today! So our duty starting this Friday is to start our reader's weekends off right by giving you guys a Flashback track of the day each Friday! And to start this thing off we're giving you a good ole classic track, which is Get Me Home by Ms. Foxy Brown herself featuring Blackstreet. Released in September 1996 and following the success of her feature on Case's Touch Me, Tease me Remix; Get Me Home definitely made a wave in the streets and airwaves. Which shouldn't have been a surprised considering Get Me Home was sampled from the 80's hit single Gotta Get You Home Tonight which was sung by Eugene Wilde. Don't I keep telling you all that I'm a sucker for a dope sample!

Besides sampling a great track, let's toss in the fact that the Trackmasters themselves produced the hip hop rendition of the R&B classic and did it absolute justice, but let's be real here, when have the Trackmasters ever messed up a track? Exactly my point! And what makes it so dope is that you have Blackstreet singing the chorus with Foxy's raspy verses and adlibs; don't lie once upon a time you were howling "Uh-Oh, uh-Oh" when it played on the radio or when the video appeared on BET. And let's not start on the visual of this track; the Video Director God himself, Hype Williams, directed the laid back video helping Foxy Brown's single top the charts even more! Hint hint, a great way to push a dope single is to add a dope visual behind it!

So without further ado, I'm going let you guys enjoy our Flashback Friday Joint of the Week and vibe out to the Trini rap goddess! Don't forget to check us out next Friday for our next Flashback track of the week! And remember...DOPE SHIT ONLY!!!

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