LOYALTY x Kendrick Lamar Feat. Rihanna

If you're a dedicated follower of our

Dope Sensations blog and website you're already aware of how we feel about artists who take hiatuses and then pop up back on the scene with a project for our ears; to get to the point, we adore surprise releases from dope artists. So it shouldn't be shocking that we fell for the Kendrick Lamar hype after he released his album, DAMN! Mr. Lamar did go off and it's no wonder why hip hop heads were anticipating if he would live up to the hype he's had since busting on the scene. Personally, I feel he's a very dope lyricist as well as an artist; but I personally don't fall out over a Kendrick Lamar release. Yes, DAMN was a nice production especially since we haven't heard from the Compton rapper in awhile; but, and I mean a big but, his track featuring Rihanna caught my ears and heart off the first listen! I'm a sucker for kick back vibes in a song and let's just say they nailed it. To be honest, LOYALTY somewhat reminds me of Love Song by Future featuring Rihanna; let's just say adding Rihanna to sing the chorus of any kick back song is typically going to be a win! Especially, with Kendrick slowing down his flow to match the instrumentals perfectly and Rihanna adding her raspy and signature sound to the track makes it an automatic hit. And let's not forget about the topic itself, loyalty! What better way than to grasp the attention of today's music listeners by rapping and singing about a topic everybody makes memes and statuses on social media about daily! What a great marketing scheme for King Kendrick, especially adding Ms. Fenty herself on the track to get some buzz. In my opinion, this track will most definitely be a summer banger that gets played out on the radio and if it doesn't it will most definitely be on repeat in my car!

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