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*Mixtape Watch* Statistical Victim x Star Gambino

Outspoken. Militant. Multifaceted. Are three words that describes Star Gambino's debut mixtape, Statistical Victim! Granted this may be Star Gambino's first offiicial mixtape, but he's no novice to the game. Perfecting his craft for over nine years and still constantly improving his passion daily; the perfectionist finally decided it was time to let the world into his mind and a few of his inner thoughts. Statistical Victim is a project he holds dear to him simply because the message his bars relay doesn't simply speak on material possessions or about turning up, but about the problems his community and peers face. The title alone, Statistical Victim, explains a lot of the content his audience will be expose to. Content ranging from his thoughts on government policies to his experiences with street policies; Star Gambino makes it his purpose to give his listeners a variety of musical experiences to vibe too! After listening to this project Star Gambino will definitely leave you thinking about whether the lifestyle you're living is leading you to become an unwilling victim or if you are already living as a statistic in societies' view? We will all find out on February 15, 2017 when Statistical Victim is available for download!

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