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Artists vs. Hiatuses

Being the best at what we do is a characteristic that many hustlers, artists, and anybody who's trying to make it possesses. Everyone can have this feeling but many artists, rappers, singers, writers, painters, and etc. may feel it more often because we know oh so well how our journey on becoming the best comes with many pit stops, bumps, curves, disappointments, and anything that can make you want to forget all about your final goals and throw in the towel! When these feelings begin to arise many individuals tend to take a hiatus from their work and passion with hopes of being able to regroup and restart. While some plan their hiatus, some artists have no choice but to take a break and with that break comes the worry of falling off and not being able to bounce back like before!

Well, I'm here to be that voice of common sense to tell you don't quit! Not because I'm a lover of the arts and one of my pet peeves is a person giving up on their dreams; but because that phase of struggle adds to a talented person's portfolio and I'm not talking about your art, but the person behind the art....which is YOU!!! Nowhere in history can I find an artist who woke up one morning and made it without having a moment of struggle! It all goes back to that saying, "You become a better artist the day when you suffer more!" And no matter how cliche it sounds, it actually rings true. So when you start thinking that you may need to take a hiatus from doing what you love no matter what the circumstances may be, just look at your hiatus from these five positive point of views:

1. A hiatus gives you a break to collect your thoughts, your fears, your pride, and most of all YOUR EGO!

2. You get time with no distractions to actually produce work! It actually creates an outlet to let your creative juices start flowing and instead of producing one or two singles or pieces of work; you can actually indulge and create a whole body of art.

3. It gives your fans an opportunity to miss you! Granted taking too long of a break can dwindle a fan base, but nothing gets stans more fired up than their favorite artist taking a break and coming back to shut the competition down by J. Cole, Beyonce', Wale, Jay-Z and countless others!

4. You will actually gain more material with substance to use to create your work! Why do you think we love our faves so much? It's because we feel them! And as an artist you will always want your audience to feel you!

5. And this may be the most's always imperative to have your mental together before you release your soul on any form of art! If you're not together and can't vibe within yourself then neither can your fans! Remember your fans can feel whatever you release; make it count!

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