Are You the Person You "Post" To Be?

Image of Miracle Chimere

First things first, for all my readers who work for the grammar police I know the title of this article is grammatically incorrect! Okay! Now that we've gotten that out the way; it's back to our regularly scheduled program.

Are you the person you "post" to be? Meaning are you living up to the person you portray yourself to be on social media. I know you're thinking that's a stupid question to ask but really think about it! Do you know someone who constantly posts, likes, or shares content that you know that person doesn't live by? Ever seen the neighborhood "Jody" constantly like and post memes and statuses about wanting a good woman, but you along with everyone else in the county knows he has one and doesn't treat her right? Or how about this one; do you have one of those Facebook friends who will share religious and self help posts every other five minutes, but you know all it takes is for you to cut them in the line at Popeye's for them to cuss you out and start showing all those ungodly colors? Well if you haven't been living under a rock then you can most definitely relate to those examples.

Now, I know everyone carries themselves a little differently in person than they do online and that's okay! But it's a difference in letting your hair hang down and having some social media fun and you blatantly putting on a facade online. And I know you guys are probably looking like so, why does it matter?! Remember that phrase elders use to say? "You lie so much that you start to believe your own lies!" Well, that's what faking the funk on social media does. It allows some of us to alter and tweak the outside view of our own lives so much that we forget that that's not actually our life; but a false perception of what we would like our lives to be! And how can you practice self growth and get to where you want to be if you can't even be honest with yourself with where you are at now? Yeah,it's all fun and games portraying to be X, Y, and Z until you meet someone and you can't show them those characteristics that you bragged about on Facebook because those qualities aren't in you! And if you read this whole article and can't relate to anything I've said then maybe, just maybe, you're that social media friend I'm talking about! But no need to fret because we all need to check ourselves every once in awhile; it's healthy and it's good for the soul!

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