Why I Appreciate Rainy Days

While everyone complains about rainy days or "gloomy weather" I actually have learned to appreciate them. And no, it's not because I get to have an excuse to why I don't have to run errands or a scapegoat to snuggle in bed all day. It's actually because I see them as days of renewal instead of a day of nuisance.

Rain is water, correct? And water cleanses and revitalizes many things in nature, right? Well,that's how I look at rainy days. I see it as nature giving me a sign that it's time to cleanse my aura from all the negative things that have occurred and a way to bring in positive energy while removing the negative energy. The same way a rainbow replaces the cloudy sky after a storm is the same way the positive energy that you seek will replace all the negative vibes that have entered you in your weak moments. It doesn't rain forever, so the trials and tribulations that you may be experiencing in your life won't either.

I wanted to share this because with all the chaos erupting in the world and the constant stress of everyday life, everybody needs an outlet to encourage enlightenment in their life. So, the next time you have free time on a rainy day, try to involve yourself in an activity that encourages positive behavior or change. For example: participating in a Yoga or Pilates class, burn some sage while meditating, take a walk to clear your mind in an environment with no distractions, or even participate in your favorite hobby. But don't forget why you're involving yourself in these things...it's not to be busy or to not be idle, but to internally get your mind, body, and soul all back on the same track! REMBEMBER PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING!

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