Throwback Thursday: Tender Love x Force M.D.s

"Time always has a habit of repeating itself!" Everything about this quote is so correct, especially with the times we're living in now! It's actually very refreshing to see fads and musical styles come back that we loved from back in the day! One of them is the famous "Ohhh yeahhh" ab lib that K-Ci was notorious for; artists today are sampling that ablib like never before! And it's not just the music that's resurfacing; 80's and 90's fashion is also trying to make a comeback. So I've decided to bless my readers, especially my music junkies who love their "Old School" music, a treat every Thursday to pay homage to the originators of some of the music and vibes our grandparents and parents made us love today!

Now I had to choose Tender Love by Force M.D.s! First reason being because I don't know one soul who won't grab the nearest hairbrush, spoon, or broom to start singing as soon as this song starts. The second reason being that unfortunately another one of Force M.D.s members passed recently. Member, Trisco Pearson, was battling Stage 4 cancer and sadly, lost the fight on September 16th of this year. So to pay tribute to one of the greatest groups from the 80's era and just so I can have a reason to jam to this song, here's a dope oldie for you! HERE I LAY ALL guys can go ahead and finish it for me!

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