Social Media Vs. Relationships

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We all hear the same phrases time and time again: "Facebook ruins relationships", "You shouldn't have an Instagram if you're in a relationship", "Couples shouldn't be friends on Facebook", and the list goes on. But who really stops and thinks to see if it's really social media or is it us not knowing how to properly balance social media and our relationships with others?

Is social media that much of a hindrance to couples or are couples too busy proving a point to social media friends, that they forget the only person who they have to prove the point to is...their significant other! Do you still give your significant other eye contact when they're discussing their day or are you lurking on your news feed while barely hearing what they are saying? Instead of communicating with your other half, do you instead post subliminal memes directed to them or the situation at hand? Do you bombard your lover with questions about a social media friend based on likes, reactions, and comments that your spouse has posted on their page? If so, a deeper look into your relationship is needed and social media should stop being used as a scapegoat.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no perfect Sally and I have blasted my own "bae" because I might have peeped one too many likes on a mutual friend's pic, but let's call a spade a spade. Our generation's love for social media is killing the "Old School" love waves. Would our grandparents' unions have lasted if they had to deal with hundreds of likes from thirsty individuals on their pics or posted their personal relationship issues on Facebook? I'm just going to go with a NO; but that's not to say that our generation doesn't have couples who are getting married and having successful relationships. But the way times are changing makes you wonder if the days of having an "Old School" love are gone or is it that we just no longer want to work for it?

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